Jessie and Tim

Here are a few preliminary photographs from Jessie and Tim’s wedding. More photographs will be available once the bride and groom get a chance to review them!

Clicking on one of the small images below will enlarge the image. You can use the right and left arrow keys to browse the image at the larger size. At the end of each set of twelve pictures, click on the image and it will return you to the page. Clicking on the numbers below the pictures will take you to the next set of images.

If you have photographs of the wedding and would like to contribute them to Jessie and Tim’s photo album, please send me a message. Please include how you would like your photographs to be credited.

Rock the Streets 2010

Here are some photos from June 12th’s “Rock the Streets” at the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. The concert and art auction supported Community Human Services of Pittsburgh. This was a great get-together and a lot of fun for a wonderful cause and it raised almost $4000 for CHS!

Note: In trying to capture the feel of the club, I made the original photos a bit too dark. These have been corrected.

Comcast Mentoring Awareness Day

On Saturday, May 9th, the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania held the Comcast Mentoring Awareness Day program at the Waterfront in Homestead. Mentoring groups got a chance to explain to the public the need for mentors, what and who the program mentors, and how to get involved.

One of the mentoring groups brought along a fantastic steel drum band that provided entertainment. In the photos, you’ll see where mentors, the public and even the Homestead mayor and dog!

Taking photographs of this event for the Mentoring Parthership of Southwestern PA was fun. I also learned a lot about the various mentoring programs in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Taking a Chance

Lori and Kenny at their Engagement Photo Shoot

Lori and Kenny at Their Engagement Photo Shoot

Photographs like the one above often happen by chance. My niece and her fiance were in the tree for a couple humorous pictures. But in a moment, something more appeared between them and I was able to capture it.

As a photojournalistic-style photographer, I don’t hope for beautiful happenstance–I rely on it. So I work at anticipating these surprise moments. “Working at being lucky” sounds like a contradiction, but preparation and experience make these happy accidents more likely and able to be collected with my camera.

Taking the first steps

The Web Site and Blog for Rob Carr Event Photography is under construction!

I have a photography theme for WP that, as soon as I install it and upload some of my photos, should look and work fantastic!

I’ve worked with WordPress numerous times in the past, but for some reason this is exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out and what I can do with it.